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What is SuperTux Advance?

SuperTux Advance is a fan game of SuperTux written in Squirrel using Brux GDK. The name comes from the graphical style, which uses a lower resolution display and a sprite style similar to Sonic Advance. Gameplay is not a 1 to 1 recreation of SuperTux, nor does it aim to be. It’s meant to be a more fast-paced action platformer than a Mario clone. While the gameplay is designed with speedrunning in mind, it is not an essential skill; the game can be played and beaten casually.

Some assets from SuperTux will be used, with graphics being remixed to match the game’s visual style.


After being humiliated by Tux on the tracks, Nolok decides to get his revenge by kidnapping lots of his friends at once! Tux sets out once more, hoping to finally put an end to Nolok’s schemes, only this time, he won’t be doing it alone.


Go to Install to view instructions on how to install SuperTux Advance.


You can rebind the controls from the Options menu found on the title screen.



Q: The game crashed. The log says a function or identifier wasn’t defined.

A: The game may need a newer version of Brux GDK. Download the nightly build from the link in the installation instructions.

Q: Does this game have Mac support?

A: Not at the time of writing this, unfortunately.

Q: How do I deal with those spiked orbs in the second level?

A: Ouchins are invincible. Think of them like Gordos from Kirby.

Q: I found a glitch!

A: Great job! Report it in the “Issues” tab of the GitHub Repository! (Make sure you’re playing the most recent version, too!)

Q: How do I know how long I can use the flying powerup before I stop flying?

A: There’s a bar on the top left corner of the screen that shows how long you can fly.

Q: Why are there mods? Isn’t this game open source?

A: Yes, and you’re free to make whatever edits you want. Mods just make it easier to share your changes and allow others to remove those changes without having to manually pick them out of the game’s source.

Q: Who is Midi?

A: Midi Waffle is the main character of another game I’m working on, Kyrodian Legends. He’s also the mascot for Brux GDK!

View SuperTux Advance on GitHub.